Illinois energy startups are hoping to get a piece of the $22.5 million being offered by venture fund, The Energy Foundry,  to promote new energy innovations in the state. Part of that fund has already been allocated to create a “smart grid” of solar panels throughout city neighborhoods. The rest is still up for grabs, […]

Greencorps Chicago, one of the city’s few green job training programs has twenty-two new graduates ready to hit the job market. Since 1994, students in the program have learned a variety of hands-on skills related to the environment, including how to clean up vacant lots, landscaping, and even CPR. The training program allows Chicagoans with […]

Fewer Chicagoans are taking the bus these days. Ridership has decreased by 8% in the last ten years, most likely due to an increase in traffic congestion. In order to address this problem, the CTA is teaming up with city planners to create a new bus rapid transit system throughout the city. Streets would be […]