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Environmental Science Students Make Significant Research Contributions

McGowan South, one of DePaul’s LEED certified green buildings, is home to the environmental studies and science department.  The building itself has over 30 labs used as classrooms and research. Environmental science majors are required to complete a senior thesis, where they conduct extensive research on any environment-related topic they’re interested in. This is where […]

DePaul Undergrads Get a Taste of Field Research

While most college students were busy sleeping off their hangover last Saturday morning, Dr. Mark Potosnak, an environmental science professor at DePaul, and his students were chasing down carbon level-measuring balloons in a cornfield. “It just gives them a sense of how to do your own thing. It’s one thing to follow along in a […]

Shedd Aquarium Aims to Cut Energy Costs

This past fall, the City of Chicago released an action agenda filled with goals strategies to make Chicago more sustainable by 2015. “A sustainable Chicago is a city that spends less on energy use with each passing year, creates good-paying jobs in up-and-coming industries, responsibly maintains and upgrades its infrastructure, and ensures every Chicagoan has […]

Uncommon Ground Named “Greenest Restaurant in the World”

These days, just about every restaurant has a gimmick, and many places have been quick to jump onto the “green bandwagon,” but Uncommon Ground takes sustainability seriously. With two Chicago locations, including the first certified organic rooftop farm at their Edgewater location, Uncommon Ground is truly dedicated to being a sustainable and enjoyable place to […]


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Former Meat-Processing Plant Transformed into Vertical Farm

The Plant, a self-sustaining food project on the city’s south side, is successfully brewing tea and beer, growing plants, and raising fish. What’s so special about that? The waste produced by one food is converted into the raw materials for another– nothing is wasted. Right now, The Plant is only in its beginning stages of […]

Emanuel Promotes Vegan Diet

Concerned with the dangerously high cholesterol levels of his fellow firefighters, Rip Esselstyn, created the meat and dairy-free, Engine 2 Diet. Vegan diets are nothing new, but what stands out about the Engine 2 Diet is that it’s received Mayor Emanuel’s stamp of approval. Emanuel, described as “America’s fittest mayor,” is now encouraging Chicago firefighters to give it a […]