Uncommon Ground Named “Greenest Restaurant in the World”


These days, just about every restaurant has a gimmick, and many places have been quick to jump onto the “green bandwagon,” but Uncommon Ground takes sustainability seriously. With two Chicago locations, including the first certified organic rooftop farm at their Edgewater location, Uncommon Ground is truly dedicated to being a sustainable and enjoyable place to eat, earning them the honor title of “Greenest Restaurant in the World” by the Green Restaurant Association earlier this year.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to ways the restaurant is reducing waste or conserving energy. Everything, from the furniture in the dining room built from locally harvested wood, to the solar panels on the roof which heat their water, is done in the greenest way possible. Even food waste, something restaurants produce endless amounts of, is composted in order to keep as much of their waste out of landfills.

The restaurant also just hired Jen Rosenthal as their new farm director, and she’s planning on implementing even more green initiatives. The restaurant is in collaboration with several local businesses, growing peppers for a new flavor of Co-op hot sauce and flowers that will be used to create a new scent of perfume for Tru Blooms. While it’s a lot for the tiny farm to take on, Rosenthal is excited to take Uncommon Ground in a new direction.

Rosenthal explained, “The garden itself is only one hundredth of an acre, so we try to get as much as we possibly can out of the space we have.”


Jen Rosenthal, Uncommon Ground Farm Director


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